It’s official: Glasgow is the best UK city for drivers12 major cities in the UK were ranked in terms of their driving conditions. Glasgow is the most and London the least driver-friendly city.

Together with the team at we’ve finished ranking 12 most popular cities in the UK. Glasgow turned out to be the most friendly city in the UK beating all the others in categories such as:

· the price of fuel, car insurance, and parking

· the flow of the traffic

· safety on the roads

· car maintenance costs

London happened to be the greatest loser with only 11 points. However, there are different winners and losers for different categories, e.g. Edinburgh offers the cheapest car insurance while Belfast is the city with the highest number of road accidents.

You can see the final score on the map and the full report here. As the findings are presented in a comprehensive form of a report with infographics, the report can be used in full or in parts only with relevant, clickable reference.