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The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government has announced their support for the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill, at the same time recognising the BPA’s role as the leading authority in the sector and our continuing work with Government and key stakeholders.

We have always believed there is a need to establish a standard setting body, overseeing a single Code of Practice and a single independent appeals service to create a level playing field, eradicate confusion over multiple Codes and appeals services and increase public confidence by addressing any perceived unfair practices. This Bill looks to provide a framework to achieve this, which would be good for the motorist and for the parking sector.

Andrew Pester, Chief Executive of the BPA commented saying:

“We welcome Sir Greg’s Bill that aims to drive consistency and fairness in the private parking sector.  With two Codes of Practice in the sector and the potential for more, it’s essential that we avoid a race to the bottom when it comes to standards.  As the leading authority in the sector we are working closely with parliamentarians, government and key stakeholders to press for progress towards a positive outcome for all.”

Once this Bill becomes law we shall continue our work with Government and stakeholders to ensure that the emerging Standards body, its Code of Practice, auditing arrangements and appeals service are fit for purpose, practical and fair.

The BPA has been at the forefront of raising standards in the sector for a number of years.  The first Code of Practice for our Approved Operators was published in 2006 and the Approved Operators Scheme (AOS) launched in 2007, becoming the model for Accredited Trade Associations.  The AOS is accompanied by a full internal and third-party audit and Scheme of Sanctions to ensure operators comply with the Code of Practice.

In 2012 we launched POPLA, an independent appeals service for Parking Charge Notices issued on private land in England and Wales. This service is free to the motorist and run independently of the Association, in agreement with Government.