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Telegraph deliberately misleads public regarding £1 coin and parking machines

The British Parking Association (BPA) is frustrated by the article published by The Daily Telegraph on Monday and in other newspapers since, regarding the roll-out of the new £1 coin.

We said that where motorists are expected to pay they should do so by whatever means they can. Where payment is difficult or impossible then we expected that any reasonable parking provider would modify its approach to enforcement to reflect this. We also pointed out that ANY enforcement action is optional, a point regularly misunderstood. No-one is duty bound to enforce!

We have been working with the Royal Mint for three years to ensure our members are ready for the changeover and we have communicated with members from the earliest opportunity to ensure that the changeover was as seamless as possible.  To report otherwise does not represent the actual situation that motorists are experiencing.

We and our members have responded superbly to the challenge of the new coin. Sadly, and despite our best efforts, a misleading version of events has been portrayed by some media while the parking sector has fully embraced and accepted the new £1 coin, which is a welcome new addition in the fight against counterfeiting.